As you well know, heavy duty trucks are in high demand. More and more businesses, especially in Orlando, Florida are expanding their pool of vehicles. However, not all heavy duty trucks are made the same. There are different companies that make them and there are variations in quality that can affect the value your truck provides you.

If you’ve been trying to buy heavy duty trucks for your business, you’ll know that it’s difficult because you want to make sure you’re making the right buying decision. Heavy duty trucks require a significant investment on your part and it is essential that your money is well spent by spending the time on research will help to eliminate emotional and impulsive purchases on your end.

This post will provide you the best tips when buying heavy duty trucks.

Used or New

One of the most important things you have to decide is whether you want to buy a new or a used heavy duty truck. There are many used truck dealers who have vehicles in good condition that have used for a number of years. Of course, new trucks last longer than used trucks but are also more expensive. You have to decide according to your needs and proposed budget if buying a used or new truck is right for you.


Price is perhaps the most important factor to look for when you are buying heavy duty trucks. There are some very expensive trucks as well as some affordable ones available. You can compare prices by visiting a number of dealers instead of limiting your options to just a few. In addition, be cognizant that there will be a price difference when you are looking at new and used trucks. Again, you have to decide the budget you’re comfortable with when it comes to heavy duty trucks and buy accordingly.


The quality of the vehicle is dependent on the parts that are included. Also. the condition of the engine and body give an apt depiction of how good the truck is going to be. You need to inspect all the major and minor parts including the seats, the cab, and the rear. Check if the truck includes parts made by recognized manufacturers such as filters. Usually, branded parts are of good quality and improve the overall performance.

Fuel Efficiency

In the trucking business, fuel efficiency is a key factor. It is a must that you buy fuel-efficient heavy duty trucks or else the cost of operating them can go through the roof and decrease your profitability. There are many trucks that offer excellent mileage, great fuel economy and are in high demand. With rising gas prices, it is important that you seek heavy duty trucks that are not going to burn too much fuel.

Extended Warranty

When it comes to extended warranties for heavy duty trucks, we believe it’s important to have one. With heavy duty trucks, although they are sturdy vehicles, they do require regular maintenance as the years go by. An extended warranty guarantees the maintenance of a vehicle for a longer period of time. It assists in overall keep a vehicle running smoothly, without the constant hassle of worrying that you have zero coverage. From this, it gives the consumer satisfaction through peace of mind.

Now that we’ve provided you some tips that will help you buy the best heavy duty trucks for you and your business, you’re ready to make the right purchasing decision without worrying so much. At Heavy Truck Pits, we love helping our customers become part of our network and we do our best to become transportation business advisors when it comes to our clients purchasing trucks. Contact us to buy your heavy duty truck today.