Extended Warranty For Heavy Duty Trucks

Here, at Heavy Truck Pits, we sell extended warranty under TrüNorth for Heavy Duty Trucks. We take the time to inspect your vehicle, properly provide you the best warranty program for your truck, and when needed, we will even service the warranty with factory trained technicians. However, we only provide Heavy Duty Truck extended warranty service within the Orlando, FL area currently. All our repair facilities within the Orlando, FL area are also approved by TrüNorth. We continuously stay committed to providing all the work listed above as we strive to stay the well-rounded company that we are!

What is TrüNorth Warranty?

It is one of the most comprehensive medium-duty and heavy-duty truck warranty protection in North America. Built from a team of seasoned veterans with decades of experience in customer service, sales, logistics, and more, they are committed to true excellence and high quality work. They are also known for being the official truck warranty company for all of Nascar! For these reasons, we are proud to be partnered with them to provide our customers with dynamic warranty and services.

How Does It Work?

The extended warranty from TrüNorth covers Heavy-Duty and Medium-Duty trucks 10 years old and newer. TrüNorth’s component coverage includes overall multi-year options for Transmissions, Engines, and/or Differentials. However, there are different terms for Heavy-Duty and Medium-Duty trucks.

Heavy Duty Trucks

As stated earlier, the vehicle model age must be 10 years from the current year or newer. The vehicle must also have less than 1,150,000 miles (on both, odometer and ECM)*. The Engine, Engine/Transmission, and Engine/Transmission/Differentials are all covered under the following Time/Miles terms:

  • 90 Days/Unlimited
  • 12 Mos/100,000
  • 24 Mos/200,000
  • 36 Mos/Up to 1,250,000*
  • 48 Mos/Up to 1,250,000*

*Vehicle must have less than 700,000 miles (on both, odometer and ECM to qualify).
All Class 8 Warranty is capped at 1,250,000 Total Miles!

Why It’s Important to Have an Extended Warranty

There are many consumers who doubt the need of extended warranty on any vehicle they may drive. People doubt if it is truly a good purchase or whether it is worth it at all. Some believe that extended warranty simply doesn’t work. However, the purchase of extended warranty has become more beneficial, more than ever.

Extended warranty guarantees the maintenance of a vehicle for a longer period of time. It assists to overall keep a vehicle running smoothly, without the constant hassle of worrying that you have zero coverage. From this, it gives the consumer the satisfaction through peace of mind. Also, in terms of long term expenses, it saves the consumer money. Bills from vehicle repairs and service appointments are quite expensive, and with extended warranty, the consumer may be completely covered and would not have to worry about constant possible bills.