The first thing that you need to know when you’re looking for heavy duty trucks for sale in Orlando Florida is what kind of truck would be best for your needs. What kind of loads are you planning to haul?

List of Payload Types:

– Gravel (425 – 500 hp or more)

– Grocery (350 hp or more)

– Refrigerated (350 hp or more)

– Dry Goods (350 hp or more)

– Flat Bed (425 hp or more)

– Container (425 – 500 hp or more)

– Car Haulage (425 – 500 hp or more)

– Garbage (425 – 500 hp or more)

– Glass (350 hp or more)

– Furniture (350 hp or more)

– Livestock (425 – 500 hp or more)

– Paper (425 – 500 hp or more)

– Grains / Agriculture (425 – 500 hp or more)

– Bulk Tanker (500 hp or more)

Distance or Radius:

– City Work (day cab)

– Highway (bunk or double bunk)

You can still use a bunk truck in the city if you can handle the extra length while backing in to tight spots. Bunk trucks usually are equipped with larger engines that can take more of a pounding than smaller engines with lower horse power. Sometimes it is better to pay a little more in fuel (yes even during the fuel crisis) & save in the long run with repairs.

The bigger engines give you more power. The smaller engines give you more fuel mileage but more head ache unless they are brand new. You will not get as much down time for repairs with the bigger engine which will also save you money that would have been lost while your truck was taken out of service.

Are you buying a used truck or a brand new one? This is also a very important question that will be determined by what kind of contract you have or will have. How much money will you be getting paid? The more money that you will make, the better quality of truck that you should purchase. Remember the better quality of truck will be less of a head ache for you in the future.


You can save a lot of money by purchasing a truck from a private seller. Dealers will be pricey because they have a lot more overhead than the small guy. Small guys also usually have better maintained trucks because they have been operating it personally & usually tend to take better care of their own than a company truck.

The dealers usually by many company trucks or entire fleets that may have been pounded & pounded by company drivers. However some of those trucks can sometimes have been driven by the same company driver who cared for it like it was their own.

Before you purchase any new or used truck figure out how serious you are about becoming an owner-operator. There is a lot of head aches involved in running your own truck & the fuel prices are not getting any better. For some unknown reason diesel is more expensive than gasoline even though diesel is more cost effective to refine


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